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anguilla service trip entire staff and campers in 2020

TC Foundation

About Us

The Tennis Central Foundation is a fully accredited 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.  Our goal is to develop sustainable paths for talent to rise. We want to eradicate financial hurdles from global rising scholar athletes.

Our mission is to find, activate and elevate talented scholar-athletes in areas of the world where poverty and lack of opportunity has hindered them. We will connect them to American scholar-athletes, creating a lasting relationship of shared learning.

Anguilla service trip meet the anguilla local kids

Fostering leadership roles in the international community with an emphasis on service and empowerment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to locate, elevate, and activate talented scholar athletes worldwide, removing the hurdles of financial hardship from their path to athletic achievement and educational opportunities.

Our Vision

Let’s create a world where like-minded rising stars assist each other toward collective success. An American student-athlete in Potomac, Maryland, can create a launchpad for an equally talented but less fortunate African counterpart in Lagos, Nigeria.

Meet the Team

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