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Teen World Open international Tennis tournament

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Teen World Open

About TWO

Tennis’s Teen World Open presented by Siranli Dental is our vision of the World Cup for teenage tennis players. It is the first event of its kind with players from all ages.

Thirty-two talented and devoted players from all over the world will compete for the title of Teen World Champion. Without the Tennis Central Foundation, these players would not have the means do so. This tournament will give them exposure to American colleges, giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills and use such for a better education, resources and future. Because the cost of travel is such an immense hurdle for players in improving their ITF rankings, TCF sponsors their travel and also provides the opportunity to compete for further funding to continue their ITF careers. The inaugural event will be hosted in Naples, Florida and will feature players from more than seven countries.

Naples florida bird's eye view palm trees and beach Image by Lance Asper

The First Ever Teen World Open


Naples Florida at the Sanchez Tennis Academy


December 19th - December 23rd, 2022


32 teenage Scholar Athletes selected from different countries

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