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Blue™ Can

Blue™ Can

Say goodbye to tennis elbow! Blue™ is softer on the arm but bounces just like a tournament grade ball. Not to be mistaken with a Green Dot, Blue™'s proprietary inflation and felt ratio make it the Smart choice for tennis.


Note: This Can includes 3 Blue™ tennis balls.



Blue™ is your elbow's best friend. With our proprietary inflation and felt ratio,  Blue™ is softer on the arm but bounces just like a regular tennis ball.



Blue™ is designed for longer rallies which means more repetition. Plus, with the Tennis Central App, you will gain access to 5k worth of intructional video content. 



Blue™ gives you access to the Tennis Central App for Free. Sign up to find thousands of players, pros, and courts nationwide.

"Noticeably less impact on shoulder and elbow with these balls  while serving."


"These balls are perfect! They are easy on the arm but not too soft. Would definitely buy again!"


"Shipped fast. Btw, balls have good bounce, and plan to buy more."


"Great quality, fast shipping! Highly recommend!!! Thank you so much!



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