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Sweetie Sweetspotter

Sweetie Sweetspotter

The Sweetie is designed to help young athletes build the habits and confidence they need to excel in tennis. And kids love the fun, dynamic experience of using the SWEETSPOTTER!


Pick a color, get out on the court and have fun, all while learning the right technique. The SWEETSPOTTER Kid’s lineup is designed with all the specs of the adult SWEETSPOTTERs but comes in at a kid-friendly 9 oz weight and 27 inch length.


Weight: 9 oz
Length: 27 in
Age Range: 6+
Level: Beginner to Advanced Young Juniors


** All sales are final **

"My son Casey won the 16's at our Intermountain Sectional tournament in Las Vegas last week. He was seeded 3rd and beat the 9th, 8th, 5th, and 2nd seeds. He miss hit fewer balls than ever and credits his SS practice. He really thinks it has made a big difference in his concentration level."

-- Randy


"So I have used the sweet spotter for 8 days in a row… About 30 to 40 minutes per session. The biggest improvements are in my serve and overhead.  I’m hitting a way larger percentage of first serves in, because I can get more spin on the ball… I played in a 5.0 doubles match, and a guy asked when I was going to miss a first serve… I am thrilled with the results so far."

Mike P.



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